A crew of kittens needs rescuing again. More puzzles stand in your way. This time, you only have N steps to solve them. Play part 2 here.

(Read the FAQ if you have questions)


Arrows/WASD: move
Z: undo
Enter: map

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(97 total ratings)
Made withPaint.net, FL Studio, SDL
Tags2D, Animals, Cats, Singleplayer, Sokoban
Average sessionA few hours
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Interactive tutorial


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Late to the party, but just got 100%! Really fun and challenging, on to part 2 next


Love this so far (haven't gotten 100% yet). Kind of wish there was a downloadable PWYW version (because you should be able to get paid for this neurotic masterwork, and because I want to play it in fullscreen like a huge nerd).


100% complete, what a satisfying game, I love how every solution feels extremely well crafted and how much depth each mechanic has. Now onto part two :)

I saw on Aliens rock that you can rescue BABA?!

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there are a lot of rescuable cameos in this game. like over 15 i think. 

...or was that part 2?

It is part 2.

Great for the game, they cat in the perfect.

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fun game, but please make undo sustain through multiple rooms. there is one particular star that was a pain in the ass to solve because of that. i literally knew the solution and it took me 30 minutes because i kept doing it wrongly. i ended up just looking at a walkthrough to get the exact moves because i was way too frustrated

edit: the final puzzle (if you know you know) is also frustrating but not that much

Part 2 has that feature!


Yeah ik, i actually played part 2 before part 1 haha.

I’m just suggesting to add the feature to part 1 as well

Hi I've been working with sdl2 for a while and i've been trying to use emscripten to turn my projects into browser games. Do you have any advise or resources for this process


I have part one of a "make a web game with SLD/Emscripten" series here, but unfortunately, I haven't had the time to make more posts. I plan on making more posts soon, though!


Good game but some stars are impossible to get


get better


Bro saying it like he collected all 💀 💀 💀 


They probably did. The stars are all possible. The game eventually teaches you that you can push flags with rocks.


they're not, you can push flags using rocks by the way

This is actually pretty awesome! Love how hard some of the stars get.

This game is incredible

getting the first star is actually very hard

i actually cant manage to get any

someone help me i wanna get the stars give me a hint

HUGE spoiler after the break

You can push flags using rocks.

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Great game

i remember life before i realized i was stupid

fellow person who likes millkshakes

how do i move between areas? i tried using left/right arrow keys,but it didn't do anything

oh i can't go to the end of a level


This game would benefit from an "indicator" of what spaces you can go to with your current flag


The stars are so cool


Really fun game! I love the atmosphere too. How do you even come up with these level ideas? Some of the solutions are so tight It reminds me of Baba is You (also digging the multiple endings)

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IIRC, Most of the level ideas in this one were about "How do I make a tutorial level for this element that also has interesting puzzles," or "How can I make a hard puzzle that has a harder puzzle embedded within it?" (or vice versa.)

Glad you enjoyed it!



Neat! The abstract rule set is really interesting and leads to a lot of cool puzzle techniques. It's super fun and rewarding to find stars and secrets, too. The tunes are weird & cool, I like the one in room 4, 12.

Thanks for sharing this game with me! I'm a real person!
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I found the secret ending! You can get to the broken teleporter without dying by using both cats! It's embarrassingly easy, though. I was way overthinking it.

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I need help lol just a minor hint

Something like how far away does the cats need to be when they enter the room; which sections of the map do the cats use; which cat gets to the teleporter etc

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Sorry to EveTheEevee, you probably won't see this. But for anyone else who does, the cats have to be lined up so one cat follows the top border while the other keeps it alive. This lineup has to start two rooms back.

Oh, didn't think of starting from that far back. I'll try soon. Thanks!

I like the secret ending because the goat represents the developer. The goat sees you do that, thinks “oh, that’s not supposed to happen” and pushes you into the teleporter.


100 complète 1 goats 16 stars 9 kittens.


You definetely need to put a teleporter at the monument. I solved the puzzle THREE TIMES. At least I'm an expert at it now.

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Oh and 11/10 would 100% again again


N Step Steve part 1 (Full Game)

Finally 100%, 1 goat, 9 kittens, 16 stars =)


so if the year is 20XX and X=20, then it's 20*20*20... so it's the year 8000.

I think, it can be 202020 😉


Yeah, probably, because one of the signs says something about the year 202015

X=around 20,and of course i know this is a joke,but of course thats not what he means


Nice game, but I think something is seriously broken with the undo functionwhen you have an AZERTY keyboard (where W and Z are swapped). I think maybe the game is interpreting my W key as both Undo *and* Up? It just kind of... doesn't work, or sometimes it does, but my character just moves up and then the game immediately undoes the move, so I can't actually undo anything, just bounce up and down by hammering W. Switching my keyboard (in software) to QWERTY didn't solve the issue, but remapping Undo to Space did.


Huh, that's weird. I don't really have a way to test this, so I'm glad you were able to find a workaround.

QZERTY keyboards have a history of messing up games like this


Amazing game! Finally got all 15 stars... I had to look up a hint for 4,12, but figured out the rest.

…There’s 16 stars.


Awesome to see more games from you!


Clever puzzles! I went back and played 5 step steve, that game me hints that got me a few more stars. Now I've got 10 stars, rescued 9 cats...totally stumped. One star, on top of the upper left base, I kind of think I know how to get, but can't seem to pull it off, another star (just left of the lower left base) seems 100% impossible. But there must be some strategy I'm missing. I'll keep trying.


Up to 12 stars! Now stuck on the stars in the really tough section.

OK 100% complete. Whew! Tough but fun.


I convinced myself that some metroidvania mechanics must be at play, judging by the impossibility factor that a lot of the stars seemed to possess. Turns out I was only half-wrong! I just had to properly equip my own brain with new concepts picked up the deeper I got into the game.

It's so hard to make that sort of thing work as frictionlessly as it does here. This is a phenomenally well-designed game.


100%! Very hard, but very rewarding. Looking forward to part 2.


5 Step Steve is my favorite puzzle game, so it's great to see a sequel.
While more complex, it is also less difficult and shorter, with more harder side content.
While I think that 5 Step Steve could drag on, I find the opposite here. Some levels could definitely be longer to flesh out their mechanic, and I often find that I beat a puzzle not through understanding but through trial and error. While the stars do not have this issue, they also require knowledge of the game that can easily be missed.
Nonetheless, it is still an amazing game!

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AYO??? more steves!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am so excited for more ? Step Steves!!!



that's the only sentence that i can discribe this game!


Amazing game, managed to 100% Complete! the game. Really enjoyed the super hard additional challenges this game offers.


More fantastic work. Here I was, thinking I'd seen most of what could be done with this idea. I've smiled on almost every screen as I've seen some new trick you've devised. Thanks for sharing this piece of your mind. :)