Hello! This project was made for PROC JAM https://itch.io/jam/procjam

Welcome to EVOLVANT! How does this work? Let me explain. First, there is a board of
squares. Each square can be on (red) or off (white). Ants are put on a board, and they move around, changing the squares. How do they move? First, they look at the squares near them. They look up, down, left, right, and at the square they are on. Then, they feed that info
into a neural network. The network contains nodes, and the nodes turn each other on and
off. Then, the network tells the ant A: what direction to move in (the ants never stay still), and B: if the ant should toggle the square. The ant moves, and the Cycle starts again!

If you choose random ants, you will start with an ant that has no network. Click next (or press the right arrow), and the ant will randomly change its network. I took the coolest ants I could find, and put them in a section called "cool ants." They're pretty great.

Please leave feedback, and, most importantly: enjoy!


Tagsant, network


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Love me some procedural intelligence. Smart bit of theory. Love it.