You need to get midas a present. Luckily, you have a dress that turns everything you touch into gifts.


Arrows: move

R: restart

 Special thanks:

My sister.

Made for Extra Credits Jam #2

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Physics


Download 9 MB
Download 10 MB


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Nice Game. Interesting mechanic 


I love the concept behind it, and the puzzle that you managed to pull out of it! The only minor complain that I have is that he physics can either break or make impossible some puzzle at times and I think it could work better with a simpler more "gamy" physics. Anyway, good job! :)


A challenging and complex puzzler with some really well-tested levels and a neat physics system! With a little lateral thinking, patience and sometimes good timing, there are often more than one or two ways to beat particular levels. I lack all of the above and thusly didn't finish it, but I had a great deal of fun with it. I'll have to hunker down and git gud, maybe.


Great entry. Fun but could be enhanced with more depth and polish.


Interesting and fun (and admittedly slight frustrating) concept


GJ, had fun.